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Garden Care Tooting looked after our gardens when we were stuck abroad and to be honest I was slightly wary as we hadn't used them before. We had absolutely no need to worry as when we came back the gardeners had transformed our basic garden into an absolute paradise and it was obvious that they had maintained it continuously while we were away. It was a lovely surprise to return to after such a traumatic time stuck away from home.

  • Jennifer Garland

The workers at Ladscaping Services Tooting do a fantastic job. They are very talented. I will be hiring them again.

  • Marge S.

Highly recommend anyone use this lawn care service, they always deliver top results.

  • Kevin Lee

I hired GardenersTooting to redo all of my flower beds. The gardener that came took great care as he planted the flowers and laid the mulch. Lovely.

  • Nora Hayes

Their gardeners certainly knew a thing or two about gardening. They gave me some great tips while sorting out the mess in my garden. Lawn Maintenance Tooting consist of a very customer-orientated team of experts.

  • Harry W.

I needed to hire a garden landscaper to help my mum get ready to sell her house. We did a lot of research and asking around before we ever called anyone, because we didn't want to pay to have a company not do a good job and need someone else to come fix it. Anyway, long story short we kept hearing Ladscaping Services Tooting over and over, so we decided to go with them. They seemed to have the cheapest service anyway, and we were on a budget. They have exceeded our expectations and we are very glad we went with them! Super impressed!

  • Tonya C.

Gardeners Tooting did such a stellar job on my lawn! The sod was expertly laid, and that was all I really cared about. But I will be using them again for maintenance, you can be sure of that! No one better for my lawn care needs!

  • Jeffrey Hobbs

I decided to sell my home and needed to clean up my yard. I decided to hire Ladscaping Services Tooting to help me with the task. The crew took note of my needs and started work right away. They were friendly and worked as per my instructions. Both my front and back yards were cleaned up and now my garden looks neat and tidy. Big thanks to the team for their dedication and hard work.

  • Kate K.

With the hedge pruning service I hired from Garden Care Tooting my garden is looking a lot more spacious and bright! I didn't realise how dark my hedges were making my garden, but with the help of these experts it all looks so much bigger. The staff work hard to get me excellent results and it's all a very affordable price. I would use this service again!

  • Aimee Mattews

Lawn Maintenance Tooting definitely know a thing or two about gardening. The team I had the pleasure of meeting were extremely kind, professional and courteous. They kept me informed of their progress throughout their time working on my garden project, they worked to the prearranged specifications, to the estimated time and budget and there were no unexpected surprises. I would highly recommend hiring their team for any type of garden task you need carried out.

  • Nathan Jones

Big thanks to everyone at Garden Care Tooting for your amazing help with my tree surgery. You did an excellent job and I could never have done it without you. Thanks so much! I'll definitely be hiring you again in the future, for sure.

  • Mona Harrison

I always tried to avoid doing my hedge trimming if I could. This isn't the best idea though because it leaves you with overgrown bushes. Garden Care Tooting have been handling the job for me recently and I wish I'd been hiring them for longer. They take care of my hedges better than I could and now I don't have to lift a finger. This is the ideal outcome.

  • David

I am relieved that I found Lawn Maintenance Tooting when I did as they have made gardening so much easier for me. I had constant problems with weed control up until recently and the problem seemed to be getting worse which is why I got in touch with this company so that they would give me a hand with my problems. They came out to my garden, inspected the damage and then came out again to sort the problem. This company is excellent and I would not think twice about using them again!

  • Samantha Underwood

I didn't want gimmicks, I didn't want to pay for something I didn't want; I just wanted a simple gardening service, easy to book and first class in terms of quality. I got everything I wanted from Lawn Maintenance Tooting. They didn't waste my time offering me pointless services when I called them up. They listened to what I needed, recommended me a service based on my requirements and from then on, everything went to plan. A great company and with an exemplary workforce!

  • Abby Miller

The trees in my garden were starting to grow far too large and I wouldn't be able to handle the job of trimming them myself. I called in Ladscaping Services Tooting for some tree surgery services and they provided exactly what I needed. A qualified professional arrived at my address and he got the job done. My trees were cropped safely and any mess was taken care of. I was very impressed with their work and results, so I will call them the next time my trees need some attention.

  • Stacy Silverman

I am so delighted with the new look given to our front garden. It is more beautiful than I envisaged it would be! Full credit to the team from GardenersTooting. I was taken aback by the professional approach. The garden had overgrown; your team did a splendid job at lawn mowing. Now we are just waiting for the sun to shine!

  • L. Holmes

In my opinion and from my experiences, what makes Gardening Company Tooting stand out from the crowd are their top quality services that are all available to hire at really low prices. I was dumbfounded when I first booked with them, and saw the results of their labour. Nobody should think twice about banking on their company to make some real changes to their garden, whatever condition it may be in.

  • Adrian

Every now and again I book Gardening Company Tooting for their leaf clearance. I don't have a lawn in my garden but I do have a huge terrace and decking area which can be a nightmare if covered with leaves. It takes seconds for the gardeners to carry out a complete leaf collection and the results are astonishing.

  • Terry O.

Finally the move was complete. As we settled into our new house, I was anxious to get started on our garden. Sadly, looking at the piled up waste, and overgrown gardens, I just did not know where to begin. My brother recommended Lawn Maintenance Tooting for their excellent gardening services. Their garden clean up and waste removal helped get me started. Three months later I have a wonderful garden complete with a swing and flowers. I shall recommend them to all my friends and family.

  • Charlie Mason

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